After years of silence I decided to record videos. My first ever talking head videos that is. Because I have had enough of being silent on the issues that are close to my heart. Fruitarianism is about nonviolence and I feel that this idea is not represented strongly enough in the raw vegan community.

A walk in my garden and why I pursue fruitarianism.

How do we treat women in the fruitarian/raw vegan/vegan communities? Bullies do not represent us. You are beautiful and powerful, do not let anyone ever tell you otherwise. xxx

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Is veganism for idiots?

So nice to hear from you again, thank you for sharing:)

Dear Egle

You are welcome. :) Good to hear your feedback.

Also, I am so glad about the recent good news from Ning, which means that they are not going to cancel this network. I am really relieved. This is a small place, but there is a bit of history recorded here and I love connecting with everyone here. So phew!

Love and hugs,



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