Dear Fruit Lovers,


Thanks so much for creating this event.

Thank you to all the speakers for sharing your vision with us.

Thank you everyone for supporting the Summit with your presence.

The hope of the first Summit was that fruit loving moves to the mainstream of the raw vegan lifestyle.

This has occurred.

The hope of this Summit is that the fruitarian lifestyle moves to the mainstream of our society.

Can this occur too?

The vision painted by the speakers of the Summit suggests that it can!


"My dream is a humanity that is willing to make a change.

The very first step towards that is to open up to new ideas."



"It is my belief, that he principle focus behind fruitarianism

should  be the understanding of the uniqueness of fruit as a food choice.

Unlike all other foods, fruit is the one true food that karmically speaking is clearly "given" freely."

"My vision is to see the whole world embrace this concept."

"My vision shows me that fruit trees will be in abundance all around the globe."

Mango Wodzak


"What resonates most deeply with me is that there never was a time when everything was not."

"Seeing any particular future scenarios more likely than others

greatly enhances the chance of them actually manifesting themselves."



"The central idea of veganism is non-violence, or ahimsa.

I think this should apply to other humans as well as animals.

If an ethical vegan is going to have consistent beliefs,

I think that they should view politics differently than most people."

Jeff Atwell


"Because we have all travelled different paths to reach the fruity road,

we may all need slightly different routes to reach our destination of perfect health.

So what works for one person may not work so well for another."

 "So the bottom line for me, in regards to being healthy and happy on a fruit diet,

is to get the best quality fruit possible."

"Also vital, I feel, is listening to your own bodily needs

and treading the path that works best for you as an individual.

And having a faith in our diet, as having faith in ourselves in general is also vital.

This includes listening to our bodies when they communicate with us.

I have had the Best times on a fruit diet,

and I Wish you all the many beautiful blessings that this diet can bring into one's Life ♥"

Anne Osborne


"By eating high amounts of fruit, the grocery stores see an increase in demand.

Higher demands show that there is an increase in fruit intake

so it becomes more mainstream to eat fruit."

"I am most interested in local, seasonal fruits.

I harvest fruits from trees all over my city that people are unaware of.

I eat plenty of them but most importantly I bring some to my friends and coworkers.

I also tell them something about the tree."

Kyle Newman


"I find that friends and strangers always appreciate a gift of fruit

and I love seeing that others can feel nourished with a fruit meal."

"I think sharing fruit is the number one, non invasive way to integrate fruity living into the mainstream!"

Sun Maiden


"We all know that to some extent the woman runs the household."

"So I try my own brand of subtle marketing and make sure my kitchen and dining areas

are always overflowing in a variety of appealing fruits.

I actively involve the children in helping me to prepare food

such as helping me to juice or make smoothies or choosing fruits to make a salad from,

or actually buying the fruit as well.

I endeavor to teach my children not only how their bodies function in relation to what they eat

but also how to choose ripe fruit and how to prepare it."

Michelle Carnochan


"Since eating raw, I've found my relationship with all the elements to be changing.

It started with sun first, as after a mere few weeks I could tolerate sun without seeking the shade,

and my skin began to bronze up after a lifetime of sunburn prone, pale skin.

I breathe deeper and I relish places where I can connect to the earth barefoot.

With water, I find the quality just as important as fruit quality."

Sun Maiden


"Fruit is packed with water ... just what your body desires in every meal."

Julie Groenewald


"I favour the water in fruit as water supply."

Gurth Bruins


"Ultimately my vision is deepen my understanding of nutrition, physiology and pathology,

and to contribute to the mainstream integration of ideas about NH and raw foods,

through the use of science and research.

My eventual goal is to then use this information, research and experience

to create an educational template and opportunity,

for training truly holistic medical physicians,

who have detailed and advanced knowledge of nutrition, psychology, CAM, and medicine

to offer a truly diverse and personalised experience of primary healthcare.

And to use this as template for influencing the wider educational community,

by demonstrating the effectiveness of training physicians in this way,

in terms of economics, health improvement in terms of speed, quality and sustainability etc."

Adam Greer


"I feel I am 100% responsible for everything that happens on earth. "I am because You are."

I feel I can therefore only set examples and BE the change I want to see.

I feel I can only live the life of my dreams if I know exactly what it is I want for myself.

Through these feelings, I am expecting to see radical changes on earth

once I have pin pointed what it is exactly I want in life.

What God wants, God gets."

Ted Carr


"Just keep planting fruit trees."

Dr Douglas N. Graham


"Local living and reforestation.

I think this is a very important topic because a big issue people here tend to find

is a lack of quality, ripe fruits in their markets.

Many fruits are picked when unripe to increase transit times from tree to market

as well as being firm enough to not be crushed/smushed/bruised when they make it to the market.

Some fruits do not truly ripen when picked early.

Yes, they may turn soft and turn the right color,

but they may not develop the proper sugar level when picked early.

So, if we have any land or a yard capable of even one fruit tree,

we can make a huge impact on our lives as well as our community."

Kyle Newman


"Fossils of tropical plants have been found on every continent including Antarctica.

Tropical plant fossils are identified by their uniform growth rings

which are evident in tropical plants due to the lack of seasons (winter) in the tropics.

Certain organisms that currently live only in tropical ocean waters

have also been found in the Arctic ice cap.

It seems that there’s significant evidence to suggest that

the world once had a uniform tropical climate."

"The implications of the above is that we can very likely restore forests to desert areas

by planting trees which will bring rain and create a better habitat for even more trees

until the desert is (once again) a forest."

"If we all lived on fruit (and to some extent on a plant based diet),

it would drastically increase our chances to reforest the globe and reclaim paradise on earth."

Roan Stoop


"Compassion, generation next.

I am a big proponent of looking out for number 1 in life.

The reason for this is that only when you and I, each individual,

are operating at peak health

can we hope to be of best service to others."

"We may and should do our best do our best to foster a compassionate world now,

but it is our young Earthlings who will one day carry that mission forward,

but only if they are equipped to do so."





Dream on, you might say.

However, our world is built from our dreams.

How can these dreams be fulfilled, you might ask?

As incredible as it might seem, the answer is simple:


Eat more fruit.

Plant more fruit trees.

The rest will fall in its place effortlessly.


If you think, it can't be done, think again.

Many people are living this lifestyle already!

We invite you to join the fun.



Dear Summit participant.

Drop in sometime to let us know how you are going,

whenever you develop a project or have some follow-up ideas to share.

Let's keep in touch.


I wish you all the best in your fruitarian journey.


Warm regards,


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