I feel life is like a menu. I can only get what I want when I first decide and then choose what it is I desire.

It is my dream to live happily and healthfully in a large (500 + people) fruitarian based community on the most sustainable and peaceful island of Hawaii, 365 days a year.

I intend to use my urine to nutrify the soil, and my feces to plant the seeds to grow organic, non-gmo, fruit trees. I want to water the plants with diluted ocean water too.

I want to live sustainably and be an example for others. I want to invite other loving beings to join the community.

I intend to stay active by running, swimming and biking everyday in a fun way. I want to have fun every day, and rest as much as I desire.

I wish to feel content after each organic fruit meal. I wish to share my fruit meals with other appreciative fruit lovers.

I want to help create and raise children in a pristine environment where they can grow up learning the laws of the universe. I want them all to be themselves.

It is my dream to live happily and healthfully in a large circular shaped fruitarian based community surrounded by fruit bearing trees with a large garden in the center.

What is your dream? What do you desire? Get specific today.

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My personal desire is to have more fruit trees in my garden!



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