I love it when I eat fruit for a period of time, especially for over three months!
After 3 months I get INCREDIBLE benefits...love of the essence of all people, no irrational fears, a stronger desire to socialize, less fear (or none at all) of diseases, more limberness, no necessity for mouthwash or deodorant, etc. etc.!!!

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Yes, fruit has a similar effect on me too. I love juicy fruit, melons in particular. I think we feel so good on fruit partly because of the removal of some foods (eg grains, processed foods), and partly due to the incredible amount of nutrients and hydration level on fruit.

Gosia, I totally agree...all those nutrients in fruit - and the hydration it provides. I would LOVE to get the vegetables in me - without using dressing. I love what Anne Osborne said in her book - about vegetables..."if you crave vegetables, in their natural state, then your body needs them". I love that...because after being on fruit for eight months, I craved vegetables, so I bought a cabbage and ate it on the way home...HEAVEN!!!! This was years ago, but I will never forget it‼️
Gosia, how do I read the rest of your message that ends with " partly due to the nutrients and..."❓❓❓

Hi Kate,

All those wonderful things happened after 3 months or so, what would you be like after a year!

Great to read you are doing so well.

Cheers Sandra

Yes,it would have been awesome to find out what a year would bring. In fact, after about five months I found myself WANTING to exercise and give to others!!! I was more social, after the hermit period of transition, by far, and would take my soaked raisins to Olive Garden!!! I would LOVE the discipline to go back on fruit again, it was heaven on earth

If you grow yourself a tub of parsley you can break sprigs from it over and over and the plant will not die actually it loves being trimmed.

I really like a handful of parsley juiced with 2 oranges first thing of a morning.

Spinach plants are similar, just break of some leaves and new ones shoot up but the plant does not live as long as parsley.

Cheers Sandra

Never-ending parsley! Ah, I wish for a never-ending fig. There are a few fig trees in my garden and some are ripening right now. I am like a bird and can't wait till they are fully ripen and pick them a little too early at times!

YES YES YES....figs are completely irresistible‼️
I do not have a garden, but I bring an extra large shopping bag to Whole Foods - for when the figs arrive‼️ Eating them when they are on the verge of rotten is heaven on earth, but no, I don't always wait that long‼️


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