Aloha my Manifestations :)


I feel I am 100% responsible for everything that happens on earth. "I am because You are."

I feel I can therefore only set examples and BE the change I want to see.

I feel I can only live the life of my dreams if I know exactly what it is I want for myself.

Through these feelings, I am expecting to see radical changes on earth once I have pin pointed what it is exactly I want in life. What God wants, God gets.

So what do I want!? Any desire I have WILL be fulfilled. 


It is my intention to live amongst other like minded fruit eaters in a relatively clean, safe and warm region on this abundant planet.

I wish to have a community I can call family.

I wish to plant every seed from every organic fruit I eat.

I wish to awaken with the rise of the sun and sleep with it's setting.

Being in tune with the planet, and thus myself, is my wish.


It is my intention to change myself before expecting others to change.

I know I must first fully convince myself of all that I am and see myself as a creature of creation before others can see me in this way.

I know that it is through my thoughts that my actions are executed.

I know that when I am convinced and passionate about something like fruit eating, others will be too.

I know that we are all One :)


I believe that whatever I can imagine already exists in this universe (or else how could I imagine it?).

I believe that I am an conductive electric being and whatever I tune into, whatever I set my vibration to pick up, I will experience. Karma is seemingly becoming more and more instant these days :)

I believe that, "it is in giving that we receive." Therefore, living by the Law of Retaliation is wise. How I treat others is how others will treat me. How I view others is how others will view me. Life is Simple.

I believe that this "conscious awakening" relates to the sensation I get when I remember that I am THE ONE AND ONLY creator of my reality. I have nothing to fear so long as I keep my focus on what it is that excites me and fills me with joy.

As the days get nearer and nearer to 2012, I am feeling more and more confident in my ability to create my reality and manipulate it as I desire. The weather, my friends, every encounter I experience is a result of my state of being...Yes I am taking credit for the creation of this website as well as the Woodstock Fruit Festival-one of my fondest manifestations hehe.


When my state of being is tuned just right, I will write another blog outlining SPECIFICALLY what I desire in relation to fruitarian living :) I am already excited to do so!



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Dear Ted,


Your words touched me deeply. I feel really uplifted after reading your manifestation. In fact, it feels like my own! I guess we truly are ONE. I take credit for your affirmation. :) I had such a bad day today, never mind the details why, I felt like giving up everything. I gave up in my mind. Then, I had a change of heart. We do create our reality with our thoughts indeed. What we believe in, is the foundation of what we create. Thanks for bringing a light to my day.


Fruitarian living is my dream. I am a child learning how to live it.


Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us.


Warm regards,




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