Don's mention of his recent spontaneous fasting inspired me to ponder on this interesting topic, again.

I have water fasted for a few days only myself, and this was many years ago, when I was in my 20s. Some consider eating fruit only fasting, and I certainly have had many periods of eating fruit only, but I do not consider this fasting. Also, some consider eating juice only fasting, and I have done this too, but do not think of this as fasting either. So I have never really fasted for any extended periods of time, although I have contemplated doing it. Somehow, I always do like to eat, and have never been drawn spontaneously to fast for longer than a day or two.

I did hear about the benefits of water fasting of course, from various sources (but have not found any hardcore data on this). At the same time, some serious concerns were expressed on the topic too (linsufficient medical support, deaths even) and we know these all too well.

I read this argument by some fasting promoters, that fasting can resolve B12 deficiency issue. I find it hard to imagine however that fasting should be considered as a medium of treatment in a situation when someone is malnourished and requires proper feeding rather than fasting.

So I do wonder about water fasting. It's safety and benefits in particular.

Anne does regular orange juice fasting, which I believe are spontaneously driven and come during the season when oranges are nice and yummy. I understand that juice fasting can bring considerable benefits, without some dangers that water fasting might bring.

So, what are your thoughts on the topic?

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Yes, I have seen both videos (and put a link to the latter in comment just above).

You will be really pleased to have something to eat at last I imagine. :)

Yes, that perfect honeydew was fantastic! Had a small watermelon later, also fabulous.

Sandra reminded me about the document about fasting by Arnold Ehret. I have just uploaded it here:

I would like to add a little piece here. A facebook friend of mine, Mike Stone, recently has shared this story about a friend who visited him, and without any preparation, and coming from lifestyle involving alcohol and cigarettes, embarked on and completed a 14-day water-fast, which transformed her. This is her photo, I am not sure whether you can see it without having facebook open (I put a link to the post below if you are interested).

What this young woman did, is a way of fasting that appeals to me, which is lying in bed, hibernating of sorts, sleeping a lot. I often feel I would love to go away from my work and other duties, and hide, and fast, and rest. I have been thinking of perhaps trying fasting and resting some time later this year, if I get time to do so.

(link to the original post here) ​

I also would love to do the same, have to find the right time. Really hope you can do it Gosia and then share with us about your experience. :)

I am keen on it so it is likely to happen! The academic year ends in 8 weeks and after that there is the examination period, and so after that I am planning to take some leave. :)

Hi Gosia,

Are you still thinking of doing a fast?

I do a short fast, only a couple of days when I'm not feeling so good, works well for me.


Hi Sandra

I am hoping to find a few days for myself to do this late November or December, when I am less busy. I am thinking of 3 days hibernating"" style. At the moment my plate is full though, with many research related things still to do. I will hare it here when I do.

How are you doing?



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