Hi folks, here's some pics from our first picnic (sorry for the dilatory post)


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One more photo...


Thanks Tim! There are some yummy things there.


I've got something to share too. A photo from a 2008 raw picnic!:

We've had a few those. It's good to have them back.

I must say we have a really nice group of people. I wish we exchanged the contact with Lilly, the artist from London, who started chatting with us and shared a cake too at the last picnic. She was quite a colorful person!

PS Tim, if you click on the second icon from the left, then you can add images directly within your post, instead of as attachments, if you prefer.

Hi Tim
FYI.. My raw brownie was a disaster.. (Didn't look or taste anything like yours..mmmmm)
When are you off to India.?


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