Ellena mentioned to me that someone was inquiring about a raw food cooking class venue. So perhaps we could think of organizing one some time?

I thought that it would be good to have a few more meetings first, share some recipes, and see how this unfolds, if you like.

By the way, should we set the date and venue for the next picnic?

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yes I think that would be a great idea!

Just got back from a fruity holiday in Vanuatu. If only we can have all the delicious fruits from the South Pacific on our island...

A new picnic date and venue sounds good!

What happened to our other members, why don't they join the forum??

Sounds wonderful! Yes, if only we could have all the wonderful, truly ripe, tropical fruit. You must have had a blast.

Deeane has joined the forum and I have sent her the invitation to the group, so she should be here hopefully soon too. Ellena had a problem with login, which I trust I fixed, and sent her an email, so we are waiting still for her. I did not hear back from Lisa or Raquel. People may be busy or just not into online communications.

Cooking classes sound great! And we should organise our next picnic:)

Yes, Mercia suggested Anzac Day. I will email everyone. Soon!

Hi folks,

sorry I've been inactive lately, getting my act together!

I'm keen to attend and hopefully bring some friends along. Going with the Anzac day theme, perhaps we could concoct a raw Anzac biscuit...any ideas?



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