Thank you very much to everyone who attended this event. It was really lovely to meet you all. It was fun, it was enjoyable, and great to learn from one another. I look forward to meeting you again. Thanks Mercia for initiating this!


I had a camera with me but did not take any photos! I wish I had now. If you did, could you please share?

Also, I am thinking it may be a good idea to share the recipes of the foods we've shared.

I brought an apple tart, see the recipe here:

and a green pizza, see the recipe here ( slightly modified, the one I made was dehydrated overnight with the topping on):

Warm regards,


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Thanks!! okay have fun! 

Hi Folks,

you could also try Live Life in South Hobart (next to the Macquarie Food Store), they often have it too.


I was away on a camping trip. Academic semester starts tomorrow and I am super busy!

Yes, where is Tim? I look forward to his photos. Also, I am interested in his zucchini noodles recipe.

Yes, I know of her. She was here:

I think her raw food co-op is a great idea. She is a runner and has strong legs.She has most beautiful hair and is doing great on fully-raw.



anyone have good juice or smoothie recipes???

My favorite smoothie combinations are

* banana-blueberry, banana-raspberry, banana-strawberry, banana-mango

* young coconuts (flesh and milk)

* banana with soaked dates (add a hint of cinnamon for something a little gourmet)

* banana with greens

(water in all above, of course)


* carrot, carrot-celery, carrot-apple, carrot-apple-beetroot

* orange

* apple plus blend a few whole strawberries in

Try playing around, you will soon discover what you like.


thanks! Have you set a date for the next picnic?


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